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Transformational coaching

Are you looking to change your job?   Change old habits? Do you want to forward your career? Form new habits? Or maybe you're looking for peace and a new approach to life? 


One to One coaching provides a safe space for you to create, explore and put into action the steps it takes for you to reach your goals, dreams and ambitions. My niche coaching teaches you to succeed with the end in mind. Using mindfulness and wellbeing techniques give you additional tools to help you remain calm and give you a new perception and deeper insights to blockages. I'll also teach you how to use the techniques to help you reclaim your power and make a catalyst for change. We shouldn't be conditioned to think that we are limited in our potential to grow and develop. We should be celebrating our limitless potential of opportunities we can pursue.

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Sally McFerran

Tel: 07584434568


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